We know how to solve your problems!

"We find perfect solutions for varied problems."

Dedicated software engineers!

"The perfect resources that lead to ideal Products."

Shaping ideas into reliable software products!

"We provide mature and reliable software products. We commit, we deliver."

Your Technology Partner for Software Innovation!

"We transform your ideas into innovative solutions."

We take your business to the next level!

"We Leverage our expertise to create scalable and reliable solutions for your business."

About The JD Chicago

Who We Are

SoftDigits is a software development company empowered by Innovation. We think outside the box to build Smart Solutions. We partner with you to help you identify your digital needs.

SoftDigits enables the automation of your workflows and the transformation of your daily tasks and processes to smart digital solutions.

We design, develop and implement reliable solutions, innovative and cost-effective digital products to help you improve your business performance.

Simply, we are digitally yours!

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Our Services

We Assess Your Needs, Digitize Your Business, Implement Innovative Solutions And Provide Continuous Support.
Consultancy Services

We partner with you to understand your business, requirements and expectations and give you exactly what you need.

Development Services

We provide a wide range of products, tailored to your business needs and IT infrastructure.

Cloud Services

We provide innovative cloud and SaaS software development services.

Integration Services

We handle software integration projects covering data interchange across your CRM, ERP, core systems and custom apps in distributed environments.

Support Services

We make sure that your business from a digital perspective remains innovative and relevant.

Project Management Services

We offer Software Project Management Services as part of the software development process to reduce software project risk.

  • Consultancy Services
  • Development Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Integration Services
  • Support Services
  • Project Management Services

What We Offer

We provide full-cycle software development services designed to help you grow your business.

Application Development
Mobile Development
Integration Middleware Development
Automated Messaging Platform (AMP)
Custom IoT Solutions
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Watch our featured Video About our new product DataParser for Data and workflow automation

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